MIP - Milanip is an Iranian based trade company supplying oil and gas industry with high quality equipment and services. 

MIP and SALI entered an MOU in July 2016 for promoting and assist Norwegian companies who wants to enter Iranian market for their products and services.

MIP control the following sub-companies;

  • West (IT)
  • BIP (ERP Systems)
  • MIT (Software)
  • Tahriran (Technical Solutions) 

Fluidsep is a norwegian based company developing new technology and tools for downhole separation.

Fluidsep and Sali has signed an agreement for promoting the technology within MENA

Siem Offshore is a Norwegian based Supply Ship Company with various types of vessels for offshore support operations.

Siem Offshore and Sali have signed an agreement for markerting their vessels in the Persian Gulf 

Landax is a norwegian based IKT company with a number of QHSE related modules under their main Landax umbrella application

Landax and Sali/MIP have signed an MoU for marketing the Landax application on the Iranian market

CodeIT is a norwegian based IKT company with two main applications.  CodeIT Enteprise is a software for labelling and coding of all types of products in any production factory environment.  CodeIT eMRB is a software for digitalisation of production documentaion in all phases of a production line.

CodeIT and Sali/MIP has signed an MoU for markerting CodeIT applications on the Iranian Market


Kong Arthur is a norwegian based IKT company

Kong Arthur, Sali and MIP have signed a MoU for promoting their Application InfoHUB for the Iranian market. Potential customer for trial version has been identified.

BOOS IT is a Norwegian based IKT company who is eyeing the Iranian market for some of their applications developed for the Norwegian O&G industry

BOOS IT and SALI has entered a MOU with MIP to market, sell and maintain their applications for the Iranian O&G market


Norwegian Industrial Software Co for optimizing production

Solution Seekers is a Norwegian IOR/EOR Co. working with AI

Oliasoft is a norwegian co working with Well Planning Software

O&G related base and service company in Iran

Global Law firm operating in 30 countries

Norwegian based IKT Company with applications for lifting operations and personnel handling

Norwegian based company for Solar Energy Solutions

Vissim is a norwegian based company with complete marine suveillance systems

Norwegian based pumping engineering company

Norwegian based Drilling and Logistics Consultancy Company

Newspage for Iranian O&G activity