Landax first Iranian customers?

Landax first Iranian customers?


The marketing of Landax in Iran is moving forward, and Landax and Sali shall make its second trip to Iran meeting some of the pilot clients established by Iranian partner, MIP, during the first trip back in May 2017.  MIP has been working with the farsi version of Landax, and during September Landax developers also converted the farsi calender into the application.  This makes the system very attactive for Iranian companies who often lack comprehensive TQM systems to control their business. 

MIP has also developed their own Landax skills by employing 2 extra staff who shall follow-up Landax towards the Iranian market. These will work closely with Landax main office, and do training and service towards the Iranian customers. 

The meetings with the pilot clients in Iran will hopefully kick-off the first permanent customers in Iran.  Then the next will be to start marketing Landax as an Iranian application!

Landax and Sali is celebrating its one year relationship by signing new agreements for Sali to also promote and market Landax for UAE, which can be the next big market for the Landax system.

17.11.2017 13:06