SALI a.s is founded to support small and medium sized norwegian suppliers and enterprises who wish to enter the markets in the Middle East and North Africa for delivering their products and services within the oil and energy sector.

Management, Advisory and Contracting services including;

  • Studies and analysis of marked possibilities 
  • Supplier registration in databases operated by Petroleum Ministries
  • Evaluate and suggest Projects to bid or quote for
  • Manage or assist in the tendering process
  • Find and evaluate potential local suppliers for partnering or JV
  • IDD and background analysis

Bergen City of Bergen, Norway - Hometown of SALI as

Grow your business!

SALI a.s will serve Customers including;

  • Small and medium sized norwegian suppliers within the oil and energy sector with limited competance and inhouse resources on doing business in the MENA region
  • Suppliers and manufactures having competive tecnology with a genuine ambition to market their products in the MENA region
  • Suppliers with long term strategy to find new markets in the MENA region

  • Landax first Iranian customers?

    Landax first Iranian customers?


    The marketing of Landax in Iran is moving forward, and Landax and Sali shall make its second trip to Iran meeting some of the pilot clients established by Iranian partner, MIP, during the first trip back in May 2017.  MIP has been working with the farsi version of Landax, and during September Landax developers also converted the farsi calender into the application.  This makes the system very attactive for Iranian companies who often lack comprehensive TQM systems to control their business. 

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    17.11.2017 13:06

Images from Iran Oil Show 2016

  • Exhibition sorroundings!
  • Hall 18
  • Admittance cards and Exhibition Poster
  • IOS Poster
  • Exhibitioners
  • Stand 2204 in Hall 18
  • MIP Core team
  • MIP team members
  • Fire Nor as Stand
  • Sali Mascot


SALI recommend:

Landax is a preferred Total Quality Management (TQM) system for various types of businesses.

Landax 20 different modules cover all different options any small or large enteprise need to control the quality in their work.

More than 450 customers have taken onboard the Landax application which is available in 12 languages. 

The basic quality management needs, low learning curve, easy implementation and inexpensive pricing makes Landax a marked leader.   

Sali and Landax have established agreements to market the system in Norway, Iran and UAE.

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